4 Mistakes to Avoid When Introducing a New Service


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Whether you’re building an add-on service, expanding an existing program, or starting a new line of business, there are many moving pieces to manage and many hazards to avoid. Follow these tips to ensure a strong start to your new venture.


  1. Don’t start with separate introductions.
    Instead, gather all your personnel in the same location for a shared introduction and training session. The goal is to build excitement, encourage feedback, and demonstrate your commitment to the new direction.

  2. Don’t focus too much on the how the company will benefit.
    Instead, make the meeting about your employees’ professional development and compensation. This strong first impression will help your team members understand the importance of their roles and motivate them to take part.

  3. Don’t let your service lose its initial momentum.  
    Instead, build and maintain a high level of service by keeping up with the latest products and market trends. PestWeb  and ProTraining  are great resources for keeping your entire team ­up to date, new hires and veterans alike.


  1. Don’t waste time juggling multiple product distributors.
    Instead, find one provider partner you can depend on for both products and industry insights. You’ll save valuable time while gaining perspective from experienced market veterans. Get connected by visiting PestWeb.com/grow  today!


Source: PCT Magazine, “Training Your Staff: How Univar Can Help”

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