A Valued Friendship


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Customer Spotlights

Jason Payne - President, Payne Pest Management – San Diego, CA


When you talk to Jason Payne, President of Payne Pest Management, one thing is abundantly clear: exceptional customer service is his foremost priority.


Taking care of the customer first is a benchmark of doing business that Payne inherited from his parents, Willie & Kathleen, who have worked in the pest control industry for many, many years before founding their company in 2006.


“In this business the customer is not just buying a tangible product but a service”, explained Jason.


Payne Pest Management is dedicated to delivering peace of mind to all that they serve so that they may earn ‘customers for life’ – a phrase that may look familiar to many Veseris customers.


With the never-ending ‘busy season’ and strict legislative regulations that come with servicing Southern California, delivering results day-in and day-out can be a daunting task. But Payne is up to the challenge.


Payne was a scholarship defensive back at Boise State (football for those who are unfamiliar), where he learned that teamwork is integral to any success. Therefore, Payne has worked to surround himself with top-notch people. Payne Pest Management now has over 50 employees and services San Diego up through Greater Los Angeles. He partners with Veseris on a daily basis to ensure his techs are always properly trained and have constant access to the products they need when they need them.


As with everything else in his life, Jason is very proud and dedicated to his relationship with Veseris. We are also equally as proud to call him one of our customers.


“We utilize veseris' services every day, and we have an invaluable relationship with our rep, Adam Reed. What started out as a business relationship has now turned into a friendship.”

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