It’s National Safety Month!


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Industry Insights

Throughout June organizations across the country are putting forth their best effort to promote safety. National Safety Council aims to ensure that “No 1 Gets Hurt” and provides great resources to reduce injury at work, on the road, and in our homes and communities. For our industry we should always be reminded of the importance of personal protective products that we all use every day, and that make our job easier, cleaner, and safer.

For Veseris employees, safety is top of mind regularly! We start every meeting with a safety share and prioritize safety above all else. During the month we will share best practices and resources from licensed professionals like yourself:

There’s no question that pesticide application of any type is serious business and the risk we sometime face is taking these chemicals for granted. Even with the recent advances in chemical safety and breakdown it is critical to always consult the label to ensure proper application.

Have any additional safety tips you’d like to share? Be sure to reach out to us on Facebook, Linkedin, and Twitter. And, if you’re looking for the top products in safety, shop our catalog and Online Store. Stay safe!


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