Update: Supplier Stock Issues


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At Veseris, our commitment to your success is long-term. We value your business, and that is why we want to keep you informed of what is happening in our industry.

With this update, we want to make you aware of issues from your valued manufacturer partners. As you see in the news daily, many industries are facing challenges in producing their materials. Our market has faced the same issues. Supply and pricing issues have arisen due to the pandemic, logistics and issues in sourcing materials needed by suppliers for their materials and/or packaging.

Because of these challenges, some manufacturers (CSI, Quali-Pro, VM Products, JT Eaton, Syngenta, GNC, Compliance Safety, FMC, Nisus, AP&G, and Woodstream) have recently announced mid-year price increases on some of their products effective this month.

Veseris works very closely with our industry manufacturing partners to always ensure we have more than an adequate supply of inventory on hand for your needs. However, these recent supply issues are increasing and therefore causing backorders and out-of-stock issues.

Most recently, we have been made aware of back-orders from key partners – BASF, MGK, B&G, Central Life Sciences, FMC, Syngenta, Wellmark and AP&G. Specifically impacting key products like: Selontra, NyGuard Plus, Talstar, Cynoff, Transport GHP, Dragnet SFR, Gentrol, Talstar Pro, Advion, Essentria, many aerosols, B&G Sprayers & Parts, Glue Boards and other products.
The manufacturers have told us that some of these products should start shipping out again to distribution towards the end of this month and others are delayed into fall.

Whether you are planning seasonal stock-ups or replenishing everyday essentials, please contact your Veseris sales representative to ensure that we have the product on hand that you need or discuss viable options and alternatives.

We’re always here to help and felt it essential to share this information with you. Please reach out to us to find solutions that will meet your professional needs in the best way possible.

- Your Veseris Team

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