Maximize Ant Control with Baiting


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Maximize Ant Control with Baiting

An often-overlooked component in effective ant management is exterior baiting with gel or liquid baits. Granular baits, which consist of a carrier (often corn grit) and an attractive food source like soybean oil, are what many PMPs think of when they think about exterior baiting. This can be a highly effective approach especially for fat- or protein-loving ants such as fire ants. However, when dealing with sugar-loving ants like Argentine ants, odorous house ants, ghost ants and others, both the size of the granule and the attractivity of the food can reduce uptake. For these sugar-loving species, gel and liquid ant baits are often the best way to move more active ingredient into the colony or colonies.

Traditionally, gel and liquid ant baits are applied on the interior where ants are found, but with large tramp ant populations this may not eliminate the problem. Ants forage indoors for food and water, and if they can get that food outside, they will quickly consume that resource. Tramp ants are successful for numerous reasons: They can overwhelm native ants due to high numbers, they are aggressive to non-nestmates and different species, they often have multiple queens and nesting sites, and critically, they quickly and effectively outcompete other ants for resources.

In small-scale field trials we find that carbohydrate resources like sugar water and honey are exploited very quickly, often within a few hours of placement within a foraging area. This why baiting outdoors with gels and liquids can be so effective; you do not need a gel or liquid bait to last for weeks or even days outdoors. Ants will exploit these resources in a very short amount of time and quickly divert these resources to other individuals within the colony, including the larval and reproductive castes.

Exterior baiting is even more effective when it is combined with a non-repellent labeled for use away from the structure. By applying non-repellent residuals to foraging trails and then baiting over or around the treated area, you create an ideal attract-and-kill scenario whereby you incentivize ants to cross the material with the bait.

Designed to work in tandem, the powerful combination of Sumari® Insecticide and Sumari® Ant Gel Bait is uniquely formulated to provide long-lasting ant control through direct contact and ingestion.

Sumari® Insecticide concentrate provides fast-acting and long-lasting control of ants, including multi-queen species, as well as a broad spectrum of other pests. This all-in-one solution can be used indoors and out, including outdoor broadcast. It has no signal word and contains NyGuard® IGR.

Sumari® Ant Gel Bait is a highly palatable, consistent matrix that delivers long-lasting control of ants, including multi-queen species. It kills within 24 hours and eliminates colonies within 1-2 weeks. This new bait can be used indoors and outdoors, including food areas in operation and has no signal word.

Successful ant control starts with the Sumari® System. Visit or contact an MGK sales representative or your local Veseris distributor representative for more information.

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