Products by Approved Site

You have many product choices, and Univar makes it easy to see what is available for each kind of site you may need to treat. Each major heading leads you to specific use sites found on product labels, and the complete lists of all products with that site on their Label. A click on a product name takes you to a page with detailed information on that product and its uses.

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       Aquatic settings

WELLMRK Altosid 30 Day Briq 100cs
WELLMRK Altosid 30 Day Briq Agcy
WELLMRK Altosid Pel 2000lb Tote
WELLMRK Altosid Pel Wlmrk Matl
WELLMRK Altosid Pellets Wsp Agcy
WELLMRK Altosid Pro-g Igr 12/cs
WELLMRK Altosid Sbg Agcy 40lb Bg
WELLMRK Altosid Sbgii 40lb Bg
WELLMRK Altosid Sr-20 2x2.5gl/cs
WELLMRK Altosid Sr-5 L/cide Agcy
WELLMRK Altosid Xr Briq 220/cs
WELLMRK Altosid Xr Briq Costed
WELLMRK Altosid Xr Briq Ingot
WELLMRK Altosid Xr Briq Ingot Ny
WELLMRK Altosid Xr-g Agcy 40lb Bg
TOMAHAWK Anml Ctrl Pole 4' Acp4
TOMAHAWK Anml Trap Bailey Beaver
TOMAHAWK Anml Trap C12dd-36 36"
TOMAHAWK Anml Trap Sparrow 501
TOMAHAWK Anml Trap Turtle 403
TOMAHAWK Anml Trap Turtle 404
TOMAHAWK Anml Trap Turtle 410
SUM CHEM Bactimos Mosq Dunks 2/pk
SUM CHEM Bactimos Mosq Dunks 6/pk
SYNGENTA Barricade 4fl Herb
ITB Bkpk Sprayer 10k 2.5/gl
ITB Bkpk Sprayer 15k Adj Tip
ITB Bkpk Sprayer 20k 5/gl
ITB Bkpk Sprayer Rec 15 Elect
ITB Bkpk Sprayer Rpd 15
AMVAC Bti Briquets 30 Day
RENEOTEC Ecoraider Er-22 Conc 1gl
RENEOTEC Ecoraider Rtu 16x16oz/cs
RENEOTEC Ecoraider Rtu 4x1gl/cs
ROCK LAB Ecovia Ec 64oz
ROCK LAB Ecovia Ec Pint
ROCK LAB Ecovia Wd 2lb Pl
TOMAHAWK Flush Mnt Racc Trap 1dr
BIRD BAR Fog Force Repellent 1/gl
TOMAHAWK Mini Net Anml Ctrl 3421
BIRDBGON Ml Ss Spikes 8"x2' 25/cs
SUM CHEM Mosq Bits Quick Kill
BIRDBGON Net 3/4 Std Blk 50x50
TOMAHAWK Net Ext Replacement 3543r
TOMAHAWK Net Hd Dura-flex W/ 5'
TOMAHAWK Net Std Dura-flex W/ 4'
TOMAHAWK Net Std Dura-flex W/ 5'
BIRDBGON No Knot Net 3/4 Blk Cstm
ROCK LAB Outlast Pro Foam Agent
ROCK LAB Outlast Pro Foam Agent
AMVAC Prelude Term 2gl 2/cs Exp
PRENTISS Pyronyl Crop Spray
SYNGENTA Reward Aquatic Herb
SYNGENTA Reward Aquatic Herb
EATON Scraper 2.5" Ss 1735 6/cs
TOMAHAWK Snake Tong 24" Nylon Grip
TOMAHAWK Snake Tong 36" Nylon Grip
TOMAHAWK Snake Tong Std 72" 318
BIRDBGON Solar Bird Chase Super
TRECE Storgard Squeeze Snap Fly
WELLMRK Strike Midge 1gl Alabama
WELLMRK Strike Pel Alabama 22lb
TOMAHAWK Syringe Pole 3cc 36" Ps03
VALENT Teknar G Gran 5/8