Products by Target Pest

Knowing your options when choosing a product can be confusing, with the vast number of choices available. Univar provides you with this simple tool for viewing all pesticides labeled for each kind of pest you encounter. A click on a pest group gives you the list of all labeled pesticides, or refines the pest group further for even more useful lists of products. A click on a product name takes you to a page with detailed information on that product and its uses.

Main Pest List

    Snails and Slugs

ITB Bkpk Sprayer 10k 2.5/gl
ITB Bkpk Sprayer 15k Adj Tip
ITB Bkpk Sprayer 20k 5/gl
ITB Bkpk Sprayer Rec 15 Elect
ITB Bkpk Sprayer Rpd 15
FMC Cynoff Dust
AMVAC Deadline M-ps Ag 10lb Bg
AMVAC Deadline M-ps Ag 50lb Bg
AMVAC Deadline Ornamental 25lb
BAYER Deltadust Insecticide
BAYER Deltadust Insecticide
ATRIX Express Ipm Vacuum 110v
ATRIX Grn Supreme Hepa Vacuum
ATRIX Hepa Bkpk Vac Blower
ROCK LAB Intice 10 Bait 10lb Bg
ROCK LAB Intice 10 Bait 10lb Bg Ca
EATON Kills Bb Dust 7oz 12/cs
BASF Motherearth Gran Bait
BASF Motherearth Gran Bait
NISUS Niban Gran Bait
ATRIX Omega Supreme Ipm Vacuum
ROCK LAB Pft Grn In-ground Ant Stn
BRANDT Sluggo Snail & Slug 2.5lb
GNC IND Spray Rig Cmpact 25gl 12v