Products by Target Pest

Knowing your options when choosing a product can be confusing, with the vast number of choices available. Univar provides you with this simple tool for viewing all pesticides labeled for each kind of pest you encounter. A click on a pest group gives you the list of all labeled pesticides, or refines the pest group further for even more useful lists of products. A click on a product name takes you to a page with detailed information on that product and its uses.

Main Pest List


PBI GORD Amine 400 2,4-d Herb
SYNGENTA Barricade 4fl Herb Agcy
ITB Bkpk Sprayer 10k 2.5/gl
ITB Bkpk Sprayer 15k Adj Tip
ITB Bkpk Sprayer 20k 5/gl
ITB Bkpk Sprayer Rec 15 Elect
ITB Bkpk Sprayer Rpd 15
FMC Blindside Wdg Herb
CNTR SOL Chlorothalonil 720 Sft
DOW AGRO Confront Herb
DOW AGRO Dimension Ultra Wsp Herb
FMC Dismiss Ca Herb 12x6oz/cs
FMC Dismiss Southern Herb
FMC Dismiss Turf Herb 64oz
FMC Dismiss Turf Herb 6oz
CNTR SOL Dithiopyr 2l Herbicide
BRANDT Diuron 4l Herb 2.5gl 2/cs
ATRIX Express Ipm Vacuum 110v
BAYER Finale Herbicide
BRANDT Florel Growth Reg 1gl
SYNGENTA Fusilade Ii T&o Herb
DOW AGRO Gallery 75df Herb
CNTR SOL Glyphosate + Herb 30gl Dr
ATRIX Grn Supreme Hepa Vacuum
Z&Z DIST Gutterlock Elite 4' Panel
CNTR SOL Honor Guard Ppz Fung
DOW AGRO Lontrel Herb
CNTR SOL Martins Eraser 41% 1qt
CNTR SOL Martins Eraser 41% Pt
CNTR SOL Martins Eraser A/p Herb
CNTR SOL Martins Eraser Foam 19oz
CNTR SOL Mefenoxam 2 Aq Fung 2.5gl
SYNGENTA Monument 75wg 5x5gm/bx
CNTR SOL Oxadiazon 2g Herb 50lb Bg
BASF Pendulum 2g Herbicide
BASF Pendulum 3.3 Ec Herbicide
BASF Pendulum Aquacap
SYNGENTA Pennant Magnum
CNTR SOL Pramitol 5ps Herb
CNTR SOL Pramitol 5ps Herb
SYNGENTA Princep T&o Herb
CNTR SOL Prodiamine 4l Herbicide
BAYER Prograss Ec Herb
CNTR SOL Quali-pro 3-d Herbicide
MAKHTESH Quali-pro Oxadiazon Sc
FMC Quicksilver 32x8oz/cs
MONSANTO Ranger Pro Herb
MONSANTO Ranger Pro Herb
BAYER Revolver Herb
SYNGENTA Reward Aquatic Herb
BAYER Ronstar Flo Herb Agcy
BAYER Ronstar G Herb
BASF Sahara Dg Herbicide
DOW AGRO Scythe 2x2.5gl
BAYER Sencor 75% Herb
DREXEL Simazine 4l Herb
DOW AGRO Snapshot 2.5 Tg Herb
FMC Solitare 75 Wg Herb
GNC IND Spray Rig Cmpact 25gl 12v
CNTR SOL Strobe 50wg 1lb Jr 6/cs
UNIT PHO Surflan As Herb
PBI GORD Trimec 992 Broadleaf 30gl
PBI GORD Trimec 992 Herb
DOW AGRO Turflon Ester Herb
CNTR SOL Tvc Total Veg Ctrl
BRANDT Weed Whacker Jet 22oz