Products by Target Pest

Knowing your options when choosing a product can be confusing, with the vast number of choices available. Univar provides you with this simple tool for viewing all pesticides labeled for each kind of pest you encounter. A click on a pest group gives you the list of all labeled pesticides, or refines the pest group further for even more useful lists of products. A click on a product name takes you to a page with detailed information on that product and its uses.

Main Pest List

    Lizards and Snakes

TOMAHAWK Anml Trap Badgers 108ss
TOMAHAWK Anml Trap Raccoon Cat
ITB Bkpk Sprayer 10k 2.5/gl
ITB Bkpk Sprayer 15k Adj Tip
ITB Bkpk Sprayer 20k 5/gl
ITB Bkpk Sprayer Rec 15 Elect
ITB Bkpk Sprayer Rpd 15
EATON City Rat Glbd 2/pk
CHOCKAUL Cvrall 2xl Hood & Boots
ATRIX Express Ipm Vacuum 110v
HY-C Foundation Ventguard Blk
CHOCKAUL Glve Ntr Pf Xl 100/bx
TOMAHAWK Grasper 28" Nylon Grip
ATRIX Grn Supreme Hepa Vacuum
TOMAHAWK Mini Net Anml Ctrl 3421
TOMAHAWK Net Std Dura-flex W/ 5'
ATL PSTE Rat Glbd Econo 60rbgl
ATL PSTE Rat Glbd Giant 24grb
NISUS Snake Out
TOMAHAWK Snake Tong 24" Nylon Grip
TOMAHAWK Snake Tong 36" Nylon Grip
TOMAHAWK Snake Tong Std 72" 318
HY-C Soffit Ventguard 4x16"
HY-C Soffit Ventguard 4x16"
HY-C Soffit Ventguard 4x16"
HY-C Soffit Ventguard 4x16"
EATON Stickem Elephant Glbd
TOMAHAWK Syringe Pole 3cc 36" Ps03
HY-C Ventguard 10x18" Ss Gry
WOODSTRM Victor Tincat Glbd
GLOB MAT Xcluder 1"x4ft Strip 3/bg
GLOB MAT Xcluder 4"x10'/rl 162706
GLOB MAT Xcluder Bloks 12/cs
GLOB MAT Xcluder Door Sweep 36"
GLOB MAT Xcluder Door Sweep 96"
GLOB MAT Xcluder Outdoor Delux Kit
GLOB MAT Xcluder Wrap 4"x10'/roll