Products by Target Pest

Knowing your options when choosing a product can be confusing, with the vast number of choices available. Univar provides you with this simple tool for viewing all pesticides labeled for each kind of pest you encounter. A click on a pest group gives you the list of all labeled pesticides, or refines the pest group further for even more useful lists of products. A click on a product name takes you to a page with detailed information on that product and its uses.

Main Pest List

    Deer, Elk, Goats, Cattle

TOMAHAWK Anml Trap Sm Dog 110a
ITB Bkpk Sprayer Rec 15 Elect
VM PROD Custom Punch Card 1000/bx
VM PROD Custom Wall Placard 3"x4"
ATRIX Express Ipm Vacuum 110v
MISTAWAY Flow Meter Asmbly Gen Iii
ATRIX Grn Supreme Hepa Vacuum
MISTAWAY Hago Strait Noz
MISTAWAY Hago Strait Noz W/ Tee
MISTAWAY Hago Tee 45 Noz
MISTAWAY Mistaway Gen Iii W/0 Noz
MISTAWAY Noz 90 Degree 10/pk 20015
MISTAWAY Riser Kit 14" 10/kit
MISTAWAY Riser Kit 32" 10/pk 50530
MISTAWAY Slimline 45 Noz 10/pk
MISTAWAY Slimline Strait Noz
TOMAHAWK Syringe Pole 3cc 36" Ps03
MISTAWAY Zone Kit F/ Gen Iii