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Product Details

Bird Barrier Optical Gel™ may be used to deter feral pigeons, gulls, and many other unwanted birds from roosting on buildings and other structures. Bird Barrier Optical Gel is supplied in ready-to-use plastic-dish containers. These should be affixed to surfaces with commercially available silicone adhesive or other suitable and removable adhesive. A multi-sensory bird deterrent: • Birds see dishes of fire and avoid immediately • They dislike the citronella smell (sweet to us) • They avoid sticky material (in the unlikely event they touch it) Bird Barrier Optical Gel™ is a proprietary Minimum Risk Pesticide exempted from Federal Insecticide, Fungicide, and Rodenticide Act (FIFRA) USA EPA registration under 40 CFR § 152.25(f). AN ORGANIC PRODUCT FOR DETERRING UNWANTED BIRDS FROM BUILDINGS AND OTHER STRUCTURES WHEN USED ACCORDING TO DIRECTIONS

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