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Recyle Bx 12x12x48

As a nation we know that Mercury is a toxic metal that is hazardous to both the environment and public health. There are well over 500,000,000 spent lamps thrown into the dumpster every year, not only is this illegal but it also causes more mercury contamination of the environment than any other consumer product. Introducing the Mad Hatter Lamp recycling service – a cost-effective and responsible pollution prevention service that is a simple to use box program, specifically designed to make recycling of your spent lamps easy. The program ensures that smaller quantities of spent fluorescent lamps are sent for recycling in accordance with federal, all state and local regulations. One price includes everything you need - saving you hundreds of dollars on your recycling costs. Convenience for smaller quantities of lamps - this program will save you money Ideal for facilities with storage limitations - no need to wait for large quantities of lamps to build up.

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