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Product Details

PT 565 Plus XLO Pressurized Contact Insecticide

BASF Professional Pest Control

PT 565 Plus XLO Pressurized Contact Insecticide

PT 565 Plus XLO is the industry leading pressurized contact insecticide. The extra low odor of this formulation makes it an excellent choice even for residential accounts. Its fast action on a broad range of pests makes it a standard tool for any PMP. Synergized pyrethrins quickly knockdown and kill exposed pests shortly following direct contact without leaving behind extended residual insecticide. PT 565 Plus XLO is often used for space treatment (fogging) or directed contact treatments to get fast population reduction of stinging insects, flies, cockroaches and spiders. It is also useful during inspections as a flushing agent to reveal hidden infestations in voids, cracks and crevices. PT 565 Plus XLO is engineered for use with the System III application system. This increases the efficiency and professionalism of the applicator.

Product Specifications

Active Ingredients:
n-Octyl Bicycloheptene Dicarboximide 1% Piperonyl 1% Pyrethrins 0.5%
Univar Product Code:
Package Information:
20oz can
Unit of Measure:

Target Pests:

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