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Product Details

Nibor-d Packets 10x8oz/bx

Nibor-D packets are convenient single-use 8 oz. packets which come in a box of 10 total packets. Single-use packets give you great inventory control, insure accurate measuring and help eliminate potential spills and drift. Simply use: • 1 packet per gallon for a 5% solution • 2 packets per gallon for a 10% solution • 3 packets per gallon for a 15% solution

Product Specifications

Active Ingredient:
DOT (Disodium Octaborate Tetrahydrate) 98%
Univar Product Code:
Package Information:
4bx/cs 30418
Unit of Measure:

Additional Information

Nibor-D is great for dusting wall voids and attics, using in a liquid formulation for general pests and using as a drain foam and mop solution in commercial kitchens. Pest companies around the country are getting control in the toughest commercial accounts because Nibor-D turns food debris left behind due to poor sanitization into a borate bait that helps them achieve and maintain control.

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