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MasterLine Stainless Steel Bird Spikes 50 ft L x 8 in W

Bird-B-Gone Inc.

MasterLine Stainless Steel Bird Spikes 50 ft L x 8 in W

50 ft L x 8 in W x 4.75 in H Stainless Steel Bird Spikes. Also available in 1 in, 3 in, and 5 in widths. Buy direct from the manufacturer and experience the Masterline difference!

Product Specifications

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Package Information:
25 X 2 FT/BX
Unit of Measure:

Target Pests:

Approved Sites:

Additional Information

Keep birds from landing and roosting in unwanted areas with Masterline Stainless Steel Bird Spikes!  Bird spikes are an effective, humane, cost-effective, and maintenance-free bird control solution that will not harm birds.  Masterline Stainless Steel Bird Spikes are the #1 bird spike specified by architects, contractors, and government agencies.  Virtually invisible, Masterline Stainless Steel Bird Spikes are ideal for use on rooflines, window sills, fences, ledges, and can be used on a variety of flat or curved surfaces.  Each bird spike strip comes pre-assembled in two foot sections, can be glued, screwed, or tied down, and is easy to install! All Masterline Stainless steel bird spikes are manufactured in the United States.

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