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Product Details

Demand CS insecticide + Archer insect growth regulator Multipak


Demand CS insecticide + Archer insect growth regulator Multipak

This Multipak offers the powerful combination of Demand® CS insecticide, which provides immediate and residual control of more than 30 insects, and Archer® insect growth regulator, which interrupts the reproduction cycle of pests.

Product Specifications

Univar Product Code:
Package Information:
57367 Agcy
Unit of Measure:

Additional Information

To provide additional convenience, the Demand CS + Archer Multipak can be used as part of the following Syngenta PPM programs:

  • SecureChoice™ Mosquito Assurance Program: You can offer your customers a significant reduction in mosquito populations for up to 60 days by using the Demand CS + Archer Multipak. This allows you to incorporate a mosquito control program into your existing general pest operations while reducing the need to visit a customer multiple times during a 60-day period.
  • PestPartners™ 365 Program: With no sign-up required, Pest Management Professionals (PMPs) who have qualified for the program can earn rebates for the Demand CS + Archer Multipak throughout the rest of the calendar year based on their qualifying rebate level. Learn more at
  • SummerPay: Keep your cash flow in check by deferring payment until July 6, 2016 on select products. It's just one way to manage your expenses more easily throughout the season.
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