NoSurvivor Warehouse beetle Kit

NoSurvivor Warehouse beetle Kit

Univar Product Code: 641609

Package Information: 10/BX
Unit of Measure: BX
Manufacturer: Insects Limited, Inc.

Product includes 10 NoSurvivor Hanging Diamond Traps and 10 warehouse beetle pheromone lures. This product will also attract Khapra beetle, but make sure you are not identify your catch as Khapra beetle until confirmed by an entomologist for this is a quarantine pest and harmful stored product pest. Warehouse beetle have a great presence outside and it is recommended to place a trap 75 feet from the facility to monitor for outside pest pressures. For more information regarding the Warehouse beetle visit

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Univar Product Code: 641609
Manufacturer: Insects Limited, Inc.
Package information: 10/BX
Unit of Measure: BX
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Approved Sites:
  • Commercial Structures
  • Food Manufacturing & Processing Plants
  • Food Serving Establishments
  • Residential Structures
  • Structures and Immediate Surroundings

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