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Product Details

Animal Friendly Barrier Paste: Seals cracks, joints, crevices, seams and holes to prevent ingress from rodents. Rather than killing rodents, RodentStop works by blocking their access with an innovative barrier formulation. The ecological benefits of RodentStop also make it ideal for use as part of an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) approach. It helps the user to effectively and humanely manage the problem of pests without having to resort to the use of chemicals. Multiple Application Areas, for instance: • Kitchens and food preperation facilities • Supermarkets • Manufacturing and distribution centers • Bakaries and restaurants • Buildings with vulnerable electric cabling • Domestic properties • Hygiene sensitive areas • Foundation cracks and crevices • Eaves and roof joints • Plumbing and pipe area’s Composition: RodentStop contains no pesticides or biocides and is manufactured from natural ingredients fillers, EPS beads and metal fibers.

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