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Product Details

EZ Snap Rodent (RAT) Bait Station on Concrete Block

VM Products Inc

An innovated solution from VM Products gives the PMP a new tool for sensitive accounts. The EZ-Snap Rat Station integrates a snap trap which is uniquely mounted inside of the station that securely holds the trap in place, reducing accidental trips of the snap trap. A unique feature of the EZ Snap is the “EZ Set Indicator Tie”, a heavy-duty duo color zip tie. The indicator tie is attached to a snap trap strike bar and extends from the inside out through the back of the station lid. By pulling the indictor tie you are able to set the trap, even when the station is closed. When the trap is set, the indicator tie is black and yellow. When the trap has been tripped, the indicator tie is black. Creating an easy indication to the PMP that servicing of the station is necessary.

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VM Products Inc
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