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Product Details

InVite Multi-Moth Lure

Rockwell Labs Ltd.

InVite Multi-Moth Lure

InVite™ Multi-Moth Lure is a rubber septa lure, impregnated with pheromones, designed for ease of use and no mess. This lure is highly attractive to a range of pantry moths and is perfect for use in storage warehouses and retail stores for monitoring and trapping moths. •Contains pheromones for attracting plodia, ephestia, Indian meal, tobacco, almond, Mediterranean flour and raisin moths •Non-toxic, non-pesticidal rubber septa lure – effective for at least 6 weeks •May be applied to glueboards of any shape or size •InVite™ Multi-Moth Lure can be placed on the glueboard in the D-Sect™ IPM Station for discreet, protected monitoring or trapping •May be reapplied to a new glueboard should the first glueboard become full during the effective period of the lure

Product Specifications

Active Ingredient:
Size Unit Of Measure Product Code
12 Individually Wrapped LuresPK703801

Target Pests:

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