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Showing 6 types of BOSTRICHID BEETLES

Bamboo Borer

Latin Name: Dinoderus minutus

Latin Family Name: Bostrichidae

This beetle is native to Asia, but because of its ability to be spread in infested wood products as well as grains, spices, and other foods, it is found throughout the world.

Black Polycaon

Latin Name: Polycaon stouti

Latin Family Name: Bostrichidae

Native to western North America, where it is present along the Pacific Coast states and into Arizona.

Lead Cable Borer

Latin Name: Scobicia declivis

Latin Family Name: Bostrichidae

Native to North America, and most common in the western states.

Lesser Grain Borer

Latin Name: Rhizopertha dominica

Latin Family Name: Bostrichidae

Possibly originating in the West Indies where it is believed to have fed on trees and their roots, this beetle is now found worldwide. Most other members of the family have larvae that are wood feeders, including several that are destructive to structural wood members and furniture.

Red-shouldered shothole borer

Latin Name: Xylobiops basilaris

This is a native insect in the eastern half of North America.

True Powderpost Beetles

Latin Name: Lyctus spp.

Latin Family Name: Bostrichidae

Species of powder-post beetles occur in many countries throughout the world, easily being transported in infested wood products.

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