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Showing 8 types of NERVE-WINGED INSECTS


Latin Name: Sialidae

Latin Family Name: Sialidae

Native insects in North America.

Ant Lions

Latin Name: Myrmeleontidae

Latin Family Name: Myrmeleontidae

A number of native species in the U.S., including a large one found in the southwest with a wingspan of 6 inches or more.

Brown lacewing

Latin Name: Hemerobius spp.

A family of more than 60 native species in North America.

Common or Green Lacewings

Latin Name: Chrysopidae

Latin Family Name: Chrysopidae

A group of several species of native North American insects.


Latin Name: Corydalidae

Latin Family Name: Corydalidae

A family of several dozen species in North and South America, with around a dozen native to North America.

Mantid fly

Latin Name: Plega sp.

There are around 15 native species in North America.


Latin Name: Ascalaphidae

Latin Family Name: Ascalaphidae

A small family of 6 native species in North America, found over much of the U.S. but most common in the southwest states.


Latin Name: Agulla sp. – one of 2 genera in North America.

There are around 18 species of these native insects in North America.

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