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California mantis

Latin Name: Stagmomantis californica

Native to North America.

Camel cricket

Latin Name: Ceuthophilus spp. is the most common group in North America

Many species are native to North America.

Chinese mantid

Latin Name: Tenodera sinensis

Native to China, but introduced to the United States in 1896 either as a bio-control predator for control of certain insect pests or accidentally in imported nursery stock. It now is found throughout the northeastern U.S. and as far south as Georgia. In addition, due to its sale to homeowners as a biological control it will even be found in many western states.

Field Crickets

Latin Name: Gryllus spp.

Latin Family Name: Gryllidae

These crickets are native to North America, and well as throughout Central America and into South America.

House Crickets

Latin Name: Acheta domestica

Latin Family Name: Gryllidae

Apparently native to Europe, but introduced to North America in the 18th Century.

Jerusalem Crickets

Latin Name: Stenopelmatus

Latin Family Name: Stenopelmatidae

Several species of these native insects occur in North America, and in recent years the group was more carefully studied to reveal the number of species. These are most common in the western U.S.


Latin Name: Microcentrum rhombifolium

Many native species occur throughout North America.

Mormon Cricket

Latin Name: Anabrus simplex

Native to western North America.

Northern mole cricket

Latin Name: Gryllotalpa hexadactyla

Appears to be native to North and South America

Northern Walkingstick

Latin Name: Diapheromera femorata

Native to the northeastern United States.

Short Horned Grasshoppers

Latin Name: Acrididae

Latin Family Name: Acrididae

Grasshoppers are common natives of North America and most other continents, and these are the most common grasshoppers seen in meadows, fields, or along roadsides throughout the warm months.

Snowy tree cricket

Latin Name: Oecanthus fultoni

A native insect that is found throughout North America, it may be the most common of many different species of tree crickets.

Tawny mole cricket

Latin Name: Scapteriscus vicinus

Native to Puerto Rico and the West Indies, but now found commonly in the southeastern United States.

Western short-horned walking stick

Latin Name: Parabacillus hesperus

Native to the western United States.

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