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Showing 11 types of LEAFROLLER MOTHS

Codling moth

Latin Name: Cydia pomonella

It is believed that this moth originated in Asia and moved into Europe many centuries ago. It was then brought into North America in infested materials during colonial times and was discovered on the Pacific Coast states by 1872. It now is found worldwide wherever suitable host plants are grown.

Eastern spruce budworm

Latin Name: Choristoneura fumiferana

This is a native moth in North America.

European Grapevine Moth

Latin Name: Lobesia botrana

Native to Europe.

Filbertworm Moth

Latin Name: Cydia latiferreana

The moth is a native of North America.

Fruit-tree leafroller moth

Latin Name: Archips argyrospila

The moth is a native of North America.

Light Brown Apple Moth

Latin Name: Epiphyas postvittana

This species is native to the Australian region.

Mexican jumping bean moth

Latin Name: Cydia deshaisiana

These are native to northern Mexico.

Omnivorous leafroller moth

Latin Name: Platynota stultana

It is believed that this moth is native to Arizona, but was introduced into California from Mexico with infested produce. It has since spread throughout California and from there to Texas, along the Gulf Coast to Florida, and north along the Atlantic States.

Orange Tortrix

Latin Name: Argyrotaenia franciscana

This moth is likely native to the Pacific Coast of California, and it occurs commonly throughout California and north into southern British Columbia.

Oriental Fruit Moth

Latin Name: Grapholita molesta

Native to eastern Asia and introduced into North America on nursery products around 1915. It may have been transported as cocoons on fruit tree nursery stock, as peaches also are native to China, and spread throughout North America on infested fruit and nursery plantings. It now occurs on all continents where host fruit trees are grown.

Pine Tip Moths

Latin Name: Rhyacionia Sp.

There are many native species in North America, along with the imported European Pine Shoot Moth.

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