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Showing 10 types of SNOUT MOTHS

Almond Moth

Latin Name: Cadra cautella

Likely this is native to tropical regions of the world.

Apple Leaf Skeletonizer

Latin Name: Psorosina hammondi

This is a native insect in North America, occurring throughout much of the eastern U.S. and in southern Canada.

Cactus Moth

Latin Name: Cactoblastis cactorum

This moth is native to South America.

Greater Wax Moth

Latin Name: Galleria Mellonella

Latin Family Name: Pyralidae

Possibly native to North America.

Indian Meal Moth

Latin Name: Plodia Interpunctella

Latin Family Name: Pyralidae

A native of Europe and Asia, but now found throughout the world. The common name was given to the moth by an American entomologist who found it infesting cornmeal, or “Indian” corn.

Mediterranean Flour Moth

Latin Name: Ephestia Kuehniella

Latin Family Name: Pyralidae

Argument exists over whether this species originated in the Mediterranean or Central America, but it now is found throughout the world.

Navel Orangeworm Moth

Latin Name: Amyelois transitella

Latin Family Name: Pyralidae

Native to the New World, and found in North and South America and the West Indies.

Raisin Moth

Latin Name: Cadra figulilella

Likely this is native to tropical regions of the world but is found throughout the world at this time.

Rice Moth

Latin Name: Corcyra Cephalonica

Latin Family Name: Pyralidae

Found throughout the world in a wide variety of plant based products. It is found most often in humid climates, and is a severe problem in cocoa or nut meats originating in tropical countries.

The Meal Moth

Latin Name: Pyralis Farinalis

Latin Family Name: Pyralidae

Not found in literature, but this moth is found throughout the world.

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