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Asian longhorned beetle

Latin Name: Anoplophora glabripennis

This beetle is native to eastern Asia in the regions of China, Korea, and Japan. While it now is a resident species in New York, New Jersey, and upper Illinois it has been found, and hopefully eradicated, in CA, WA, TX, FL, and many other states east of the Mississippi River, as well as on the island of Hawaii. It has been found living in wood packing materials shipped from Asia.

Elderberry longhorn beetle

Latin Name: Desmocerus sp.

Three native species in this genus occur in North America.

Eucalyptus longhorn

Latin Name: Phoracantha semipunctata

Native to Australia and introduced in 1984 to California.

Flat oak borer

Latin Name: Smodicum cucujiforme

This is a native species in the eastern United States.

Nautical Borer

Latin Name: Xylotrechus nauticus

Latin Family Name: Cerambycidae

Native to the western United States.

New house borer

Latin Name: Arhopalus productus

This beetle is a native insect in western North America.

Old House Borer

Latin Name: Hylotrupes bajulus

Latin Family Name: Cerambycidae

Apparently native to Europe, where it may infest up to 50% of the homes in some areas. It now is found on most continents of the world including North America, where it is found along the eastern seaboard states from at least New York, south and along the Gulf Coast to Texas. It may be found as far west as Minnesota and in many other states east of the Mississippi River.

Pine sawyer

Latin Name: Trichocnemis spiculatus

This is a native beetle in western North America.

Sawyer beetles

Latin Name: Monochamus sp.

There are 8 native species of these beetles in North America and the one introduced species from Japan, which is known from only a very few locations in the U.S.

Western Pine Beetle

Latin Name: Prionus sp.

Latin Family Name: Cerambycidae

Native beetles in North America.

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