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Showing 16 types of SCARAB OR JUNE BEETLES

Asiatic garden beetle

Latin Name: Maladera castanea

This is a native of Asia, but it was discovered in 1921 in New Jersey, and now is found commonly in a few Northeast states and occasionally south into South Carolina.

Black turfgrass ataenius

Latin Name: Ataenius spretulus

This is a native insect in North America.

Dung Beetles

Latin Name: Aphodius Sp.

There are many native species of these beneficial decomposers in North America.

Dung roller

Latin Name: Canthon sp.

There are many species of these native insects in North America.

European chafer

Latin Name: Rhizotrogus majalis

This is likely a European species that was first discovered in North America in 1940 in New York. It now occupies all of the Upper Northeast states and into Ontario, Canada.

Green June beetle

Latin Name: Cotinis sp.

These are native beetles in North America, with C. nitida occurring in the eastern U.S. and C. mutabilis occurring in the western U.S. and Mexico. Both species may occur in Texas.

Hoplia beetle

Latin Name: Hoplia callipyge

These are native beetles in North America.

Japanese beetle

Latin Name: Popillia japonica

This terrible pest is a native of Japan, but was first discovered in the U.S. in 1916 in New Jersey. It now occupies and heavily infests the entire Northeast U.S. and southeastern Canada, with the Mississippi River about its western border.

Jeweled scarab

Latin Name: Chrysina sp.

These are native species in the Southwest U.S. and Mexico, with the majority of species occurring in Central and South America.

Lined June beetles

Latin Name: Polyphylla sp.

At least 2 dozen of these native beetles occur in North America.

Masked chafers

Latin Name: Cyclocephala sp.

These are native insects in North America.

May or June beetles

Latin Name: Phyllophaga sp.

At least 152 species in the genus Phyllophaga occur as native insects in the United States and Canada, most in the eastern half of the U.S., and according to some sources there may be up to 400 species in North America. There are 100 species in Texas.

Oriental beetle

Latin Name: Anomala orientalis

This beetle is native to eastern Asia and was introduced into the Hawaiian Islands on the island of Oahu before 1908, where it has been a serious pest of sugarcane. It was then found in the mainland U.S. in 1920 in Connecticut, presumably in nursery stock from Japan. It now ranges from North Carolina to the New England states.

Rhinoceros beetle

Latin Name: Megasoma sp. / Dynastes sp.

These are native beetles in their ranges in the U.S.

Rice beetle

Latin Name: Dyscinetus morator

This is a native species in eastern United States.

Rose chafer

Latin Name: Macrodactylus subspinosus

These are native beetles in North America.

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