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Showing 9 types of TICKS

American dog tick

Latin Name: Dermacentor variabilis

This is a native tick in North America. It is most abundant in the eastern half of the country but also found in the Pacific Northwest, south into California, and in eastern Canada.

Brown Dog Tick

Latin Name: Rhipicephalus Sanquineus

Latin Family Name: Ixodidae

Apparently this tick is native to North America, and it occurs most often in states with warm climates. It also occurs into Latin America in the tropical and subtropical areas.

Deer Tick

Latin Name: Ixodes scapularis

Latin Family Name: Ixodidae

There are two major species of Ixodes ticks in the United States, I. pacificus in the western U.S. and I. scapularis in the eastern U.S. These ticks are native to North America.

Fowl Ticks

Latin Name: Argas Spp.

Latin Family Name: Argasidae

Several species of “soft” ticks are native to the United States, but may occur in other parts of the world as well.

Lone star tick

Latin Name: Amblyomma americanum

This tick is a native in eastern North America and is found from Texas north to Iowa and east along the Atlantic coast as far north as Maine.

Pajahuello tick

Latin Name: Ornithodoros coriaceus

This is a native tick found in the western U.S. and south in Mexico and even South America.

Relapsing fever ticks

Latin Name: Ornithodoros turicata, Ornithodoros hermsii

These ticks are native in North America.

Western black-legged tick

Latin Name: Ixodes pacificus

This tick is a native species in western North America.

Wood Ticks

Latin Name: Dermacentor Sp.

Latin Family Name: Ixodidae

These ticks are native to North America.

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