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Showing 2 types of BIVALVES AND CLAMS

Quagga mussel

Latin Name: Dreissena bugensis

This invasive mollusk is native to the regions of northern Russia, but was first found in North America in the Lake Erie in 1989. It since has expanded to all Great Lakes and in 1995 was found in the Mississippi River. In 2007 it was found in Lake Mead and its drainages in Nevada and further expansion has continued to occur.

Zebra Mussel

Latin Name: Dreissena polymorpha

This species is native to eastern Europe and western Asia, but was first discovered in the U.S. in 1988 in a lake east of Detroit, Michigan. Since that time they have spread rapidly into all drainages from the Great Lakes, including the Mississippi and the Hudson rivers. It is assumed that they were transported to North America in ballast water in ocean going vessels.