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  • Sun Feb 1 2015

    "Mutant mosquitoes" may stop spread of deadly diseases in Florida Keys

    British company hopes to prove its genetically modified insects can head off two deadly, mosquito-borne disea ses

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  • Sat Aug 6 2016

    'A horror house': Port Union woman takes matters into own hands after bat infestation

    A Port Union woman says her comfortable home became a "horror house" after bats moved into the attic, and she had to get rid of the nocturnal pests herself because she couldn't afford to pay an exterminator. Barb Humby discovered the bats in mid-July after she returned home from working at the Bull Arm construction site in Trinity Bay. "I was hearing noises. First, I thought it might be just siding cracking and that but then after I heard noises up in my attic so I figured it was a squirrel," she told CBC's On the Go on Friday. Humby called her brother, who went up with a flashligh...

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  • Sat Feb 14 2015

    'Destructive pests' from the Caribbean enter US - Caribbean Life

    The United States Customs and Border Protection (CBP) agency says agriculture specialists (CBPAS) at two south Florida ports of entry have intercepted two “destructive pests” from the Caribbean within commercial produce shipments. “Our nation's food...

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  • Sat Feb 21 2015

    'Enemy' insects make strange bedfellows

    The groggy hibernating wasp enemies crawled out of the nest together.(Photo: Mike Riter/Courtesy photo) There are days that turn out far better than we can imagine. Jan. 19 was such a day for me. Josh Gaylord, nature photographer Grant Bost and I were on our way to Josh's house in Claverack to collect a yellow jacket nest the previous owner photographed in his attic. Though there was excitement and anticipation, I thought it would be a routine, rather uneventful undertaking. It was anything but. I expected the nest to be on the ceiling. We walked around and finally spotted it on...

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  • Sat Nov 21 2015

    'Fear smell' puts mice in hairy situation

    Researchers have produced an odor that sends mice scurrying away in terror or renders them paralyzed with fear, a finding that could lead to more effective ways to repel pests. Unfortunately, the “fear smell” does not work on humans. The team, led by Kansai Medical University researcher Ko Kobayakawa, artificially created an odor molecule with a structure similar to one found in foxes, a natural enemy of mice. But the lab-produced odor, which resembles the smell of sesame oil, led to a more intense sense of fear among the mice than when they were exposed to the scent of a natural p...

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  • Tue Mar 8 2016

    'Ghetto mix'? 'Hood spray'? Exterminator's sign courts controversy in Brockton

    A bright yellow sign with red lettering in front of Rogers Pest Control, at 1054 Main St., appeared last year when the business moved to Brockton from Boston. It tells potential customers to “get your ghetto mix and hood spray here,” to kill cockroaches, bed bugs and rodents. BROCKTON – A Brockton pest control business with signs advertising “ghetto mix” and “hood spray” is causing some people to cry foul, while others believe that the marketing gimmick is all in good fun. A bright yellow sign with red lettering in front of Rogers Pest Control, at 1054 Main St., appeared last year whe...

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  • Sat Apr 25 2015

    'Kids can't even bring peanut butter to school and they used Propoxur?': Exterminator

    The owner of an Ottawa pesticide company said he and his co-workers would get headaches and often vomit after applying the same pesticides that were sprayed in Ottawa schools in recent weeks. David Saunders, who owns Paramount Pest Control, said he applied products with Propoxur 20 years ago when he worked for a Gatineau company. He does not use it in his own business. “No one uses that (now),” he added. “It is terrible … it smells like kerosene and gasoline.” Saunders said he was shocked to hear products containing Propoxur had been sprayed inside Ottawa schools and an in-school dayc...

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  • Thu Jul 17 2014

    'Love Motel For Insects' Opens for Business In RTP

    There's a new establishment opening for one night only in Research Triangle Park. It's a Love Motel for Insects. Imagine several teepees lit up against the night sky - attracting area insects from far and wide. It's a voyeuristic space. Once the ultraviolet light attracts the insects, people can look closely at them. Brandon Ballengee is the scientist/artist behind the project. An article in American Scientist Magazine provides some background: Impressed with the biodiversity of the local tropical ecosystem during a trip to Costa Rica, Ballengee decided one evening to leave some bed-s...

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  • Tue Sep 16 2014

    'Moths' And 'Cockroaches' A Lighting Designer's Greatest Pests

    Melissa Block talks to David Grindle for our Trade Lingo series to find out why lighting designers talk about "moths" and "cockroaches."

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  • Fri May 3 2013

    'Mulch volcanoes' can attract insects, disease - Auburn Citizen - Auburn Citizen

    'Mulch volcanoes' can attract insects, disease - Auburn CitizenAuburn CitizenEvery spring we get calls from all over Cayuga County asking about different pests. Sometimes homeowners want to know what to do about different animals, but usually we talk to people about plant diseases and insects. A lot of callers ask the same ...

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  • Sat Sep 27 2014

    'Pest activity' found in Excela facility

    Officials at Excela Health have been dealing with “pest activity” uncovered during renovations in the system's Westmoreland Hospital in Greensburg, health system officials said. When asked to identify the type of pest involved, Excela spokeswoman Robin Jennings said she could not offer specifics because she had not been at the construction site. “Pest activity is pest activity,” she said. A memo distributed to employees said, “During the early phases of removing drywall and ceilings, we noticed some evidence of pest activity.” “As required by policy, we have notified both state ...

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  • Sat Apr 12 2014

    'Sects In The City: Brooklyn Woman Moonlights Making Elaborate Insect Dioramas

    By day, Daisy Tainton spends hours at her desk in the American Museum of Natural History, hunched over a jewelry box sized display case, meticulously cataloging the dozens of tiny insects pinned into neat rows. By night, she works with dead insects as large as her thumb, arranging them into fantastical dioramas that evoke fairy tales or strange dreams. In one of her works, a horned beetle rocks in a chair, knitting with its spindly front legs, while two iridescent beetles play at its feet like kittens. They are in a room decorated with floral wallpaper and memorabilia you might find at y...

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  • Thu Apr 30 2015

    'The stink bug whisperer': York County woman turns pests into art

    YOE, Pa. (AP) — Stink bugs: they're those ugly, smelly little creatures that always seem to find a way into your house when you don't want them to. That's what most people would say, right? Well, not Maryel Henderson. Not only are stink bugs welcome in this Yoe artist's home, but they're encouraged to walk around her workspace as she begins her next piece. Henderson sees stink bugs as inspiration and she even has a rule that her guests can't kill them in her house. "My husband calls me the stink bug whisperer," she said. To Henderson, stink bugs aren't ugly. They're cute little ...

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  • Thu Nov 21 2013

    'Troll-Haired' Insect Discovered In Remote Suriname Rainforest Is Totally Wild (PHOTO)

    This "troll-haired" bug is one of the coolest-looking insects we've ever seen. The tiny unidentified creature, which is only 5 millimeters long, was found in the Suriname rainforest by ecologists who discovered 60 new species on a research expedition last year. A photo of the planthopper was featured on National Geographic Tuesday. (Story continues below) The little planthopper is thought to be partway through metamorphosis in this photo. The bug's wild "hairdo" is actually waxy secretions from its abdomen that are thought to be a defense mechanism to distract predators from its...

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  • Thu Sep 15 2016

    'Unusual' bee species drills apartment-style nests out of rock

    A newly discovered species of bee does things the hard way, gnawing its nests out of solid rock even when softer dirt is available. This hard work appears to pay off, however, by providing the bees greater protection from the vagaries of life in the desert Southwest. The species, dubbed , has been found in Utah, in southwest Colorado and in Death Valley in California, where it pocks vertical sandstone rock faces with tiny holes. Though the bees seem to be solitary nesters, they build these rocky alcoves next to one another, like insect apartment-dwellers. "The bee is very unusual," st...

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  • Fri Jan 31 2014

    'Zombie' bees surface in the northeast; insects infected by parasitic flies

    Mutant "zombie bees" that act like the ghoulish creatures of horror films have surfaced in the Northeast after first appearing on the West Coast, a bee expert told ABC News on Wednesday. An amateur beekeeper in Burlington, Vt., last summer found honeybees infested with parasites that cause the insects to act erratically and eventually kill them. It was the first spotting of zombie bees east of South Dakota, according to John Hafernik, a professor of biology at San Francisco State University whose team in October verified the infestation. "They fly around in a disoriented way, get attr...

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  • Tue Mar 26 2013

    [Ant Control] Which Ants Are Bugging Canadian PMPs? - PCT Magazine

    PCT Magazine[Ant Control] Which Ants Are Bugging Canadian PMPs?PCT MagazineAnts were collected by pest management professionals across Canada during 2011 in a project funded by Orkin Canada. PMPs were requested to collect and submit samples for identification. In addition, a collection trip was made through British Columbia ...

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  • Tue Mar 26 2013

    [Bed Bug Supplement] Avoiding Hot Water - PCT Magazine

    PCT Magazine[Bed Bug Supplement] Avoiding Hot WaterPCT MagazineAs pest management professionals continue to use a variety of tools for bed bug management, heat treatments continue to grow as a popular option. But, as with any treatment option, there are pros and cons. One of the challenges in using heat treatment ...Bed Bugs Are Back: Pest Control Melbourne to the RescueSBWire (press release)Bed Bugs Display Multiple Layers of Resistance to PesticideseNews Park Forestall 8 news articles »

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  • Tue Jan 29 2013

    [ESA Coverage] Entomology in Knoxville: Human Health - PCT Magazine

    PCT Magazine[ESA Coverage] Entomology in Knoxville: Human HealthPCT MagazineThe blog offers readers news and commentary about the urban pest management industry and is excerpted here with permission of the author. Three thousand entomologists swarmed to the 2012 ESA annual conference in scenic Knoxville, Tenn., Nov. 11-14 ...

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  • Tue Mar 26 2013

    [Pesticide Safety] Reducing Insecticide Exposure - PCT Magazine

    PCT Magazine[Pesticide Safety] Reducing Insecticide ExposurePCT MagazineAs pest management professionals, you provide essential services to prevent and eradicate pest problems for a wide variety of clients. Many of your services are now based on the systematic process of Integrated Pest Management (IPM). When fully ...

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