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  • Tue Oct 6 2015

    Pest Control Worker Accused of Abusing Animals They Were Hired to Remove ‘Humanely’

    A homeowner in Moreno Valley expressed her shock Monday after seeing surveillance video of a worker allegedly abusing animals they were hired to "humanely" remove from the neighborhood. Liberte Chan reports for the KTLA 5 News at 6 on Monday, Oct. 5, 2015. VIDEO

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  • Mon Oct 5 2015

    Doni’s Cautionary Tale # 5: Expert Advice Follows Yellowjacket Attack

    A few weeks ago I was attacked by a swarm of yellowjackets while putting something away in a friend’s old garage. Before that day, I wasn’t one of those those people who’d feared bees or other stinging creatures, so when I walked into the garage and saw the air filled with what I initially thought were honeybees, I stopped and watched, curious if there was a hive nearby. That was my last rational thought before the winged insects suddenly set upon me, flying under my shirt, where they had a field day. They stung in all the soft places: my stomach, my waist, under my arms, and they eve...

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  • Sat Oct 3 2015

    Some pet owners concerned flea medications no longer working

    KNOXVILLE (WATE) – Some pet owners have concerns about flea and tick medications not working as well as they used to, worried their pets are still getting fleas even after using vet recommended medications. For many people, they are not only man’s best friend, but a part of the family, and people will do whatever they can to keep them safe from fleas and ticks. “We use Trifexis, which is just one pill once a month,” said pet owner Vania Thompson. Thompson brings her dog Prancer to the dog park every day and keeps him on a specific regimen to keep the pests away. “I like the one ...

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  • Sat Oct 3 2015

    When it comes to head lice, business is booming

    For Kathy Zappulla of Smithtown, an unexpected letter from her daughter's school seven years ago with word of a head lice problem served as a jolting wake-up call. The news helped transform Zappulla from a mom with no formal training in entomology to one of Long Island's leading experts on the insects. Zappulla, who at the time picked up a case of the bloodsucking head crawlers herself, as did her son, decided to fight lice by opening a salon devoted to delousing infested tresses. She and her team work heads while peering through magnifying lenses, catching every louse and the eggs gl...

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  • Fri Oct 2 2015

    Styrofoam-eating mealworms might help reduce plastic waste, study finds

    ATLANTA, Georgia (CNN) — Plastic, long considered nonbiodegradable and one of the biggest contributors to global pollution, might have met its match: The small, brownish, squirmy mealworm. Researchers have learned that the mealworm can live on a diet of Styrofoam and other types of plastic. Inside the mealworm's gut are microorganisms that are able to biodegrade polyethylene, a common form of plastic, according to new studies published in Environmental Science and Technology by co-authors Professor Jun Yang and his doctorate student Yu Yang of Beihang University, and Stanford Universi...

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  • Thu Oct 1 2015

    Agriculture and Consumer Services plans to revoke the license of Sunland Pest Control

    PALM CITY, Fla. —Agriculture and Consumer Services plans to revoke the license of Sunland Pest Control as well as the certificate of its owner after a seven count investigation found faulty equipment, the use of wrongly labeled chemicals and failure to train on the chemicals and the equipment. The investigation determined faulty equipment used by the exterminator is at least partly to blame for Peyton McCaughey's injuries. Peyton became very ill last month, just hours after employees with Sunland, a Terminex subcontractor, told his family it was safe to return to their Palm City home....

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  • Wed Sep 30 2015

    Why do trucks keep spilling swarms of honeybees onto US highways?

    On Tuesday, a truck carrying hives of honeybees overturned on an Oklahoma highway, setting loose swarms of angry insects and trapping a sheriff’s deputy who had responded to the scene in his cruiser. Surprisingly, bee-related accidents aren’t uncommon on US highways, as trucks regularly transport hives of bees across the country for use by commercial farmers to pollinate their crops. Many farmers who harvest crops such as almonds, apples, sunflowers, and grapes have come to depend on renting bees from commercial beekeepers because wind and other physical processes are often ineffectiv...

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  • Tue Sep 29 2015

    Killer bees detected in Bay Area for first time

    LAFAYETTE -- Africanized honeybees, better known as "killer bees," have colonized for the first time in the Bay Area, researchers reported in a scientific study on the aggressive and deadly insects. The bees, which have slowly traveled north from South America, were found in Reliez Valley, a Lafayette subdivision near Briones Regional Park, UC San Diego biology professor Joshua Kohn said Monday. While individual Africanized honey bees are just as docile as your average European honeybees and have similar stings, a disturbed killer bee hive can swarm and kill a person or animal, he said. ...

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  • Sat Sep 26 2015

    Family of boy poisoned by Pesticides files suit against chemical manufacturer Ensystex

    New Developments in the case of a 10-year-old boy poisoned by pesticides in the wake of a Contact 5 Investigation. On Tuesday of this week we told you about a company called Ensystex. It manufactures a gas called Zythor. That is the same gas used to fumigate the Palm City home of 10-year-old Peyton McCaughey in August. McCaughey is now suffering from severe brain damage as a result of pesticide poisoning. Now, attorney's for the McCaughey family confirm they are filing suit against Ensystex. Attorney Bill Williams, who was hired to represent the McCaughey's, has already filed su...

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  • Thu Sep 24 2015

    Female exterminators breaking through the pest control glass ceiling

    Pest control has, perhaps not surprisingly, long been a male-dominated field. But the industry is taking steps to make sure that dealing with creepy crawlies isn’t just a man’s job. Insight Pest Solutions, a 100-employee pest control business in New Jersey, surveyed women in the industry to learn more about their challenges and triumphs. The survey, released this month, included personal stories that highlight the gender biases and physical challenges, as well as the benefits – like flexible work hours – that are helping to attract more women to the field. Unusually, the survey went beyo...

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  • Wed Sep 23 2015

    Fumigators skipped mandated training; still get deadly gas

    There's new information in a case of pesticide poisoning that left a 10-year-old Martin County brain damaged. Peyton McCaughey has been bedridden in a Miami hospital ever since his family's Palm City home was fumigated last month. An attorney representing the McCaughey family says Terminix and a company it subcontracted, Sunland Pest Control, are responsible. However, our Contact 5 investigators have uncovered information that now has a chemical manufacturer under the microscope. The chemical used in home fumigation is called sulfuryl fluoride. It's deadly and federally regulate...

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  • Fri Sep 18 2015

    Investigation into 10-year-old hospitalized by pesticides finds faulty equipment/poor training

    A state investigation is shedding new light on what happened to 10-year-old Peyton Mccaughey. His family says he's suffering from brain damage after being exposed to pesticides. The young boy is bedridden in a Miami Hospital where he's been since August 17, one day after his family was cleared to return to its Palm City home following fumigation. The Mccaughey family originally hired Terminix to fumigate their home August 14. Then Terminix subcontracted the job to Sunland Pest Control based in West Palm Beach. The dual investigation by Florida's Departments of Agriculture and Health dete...

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  • Thu Sep 17 2015

    Mosquito pesticide not so bad after all

    Kanata community could get to vote on pest solution Kanata Kourier-Standard After a pesticide presented as a mosquito solution for Kizell Pond residents was given a failing grade by a city planner/ecologist, further research has caused the ecologist to change his tune. Now the city is looking into the use of Bti, a biological pest control agent, as a possible solution for what residents have described as a ”black cloud” of mosquitos which call the Kizell Pond area home. “We know the mosquitoes are everywhere, but in our community, we think it’s not normal,” said Lianne Zhou, one...

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  • Tue Sep 15 2015

    Lenders are cracking down on homes with termite infestation

    Lenders are getting tough on termites. In a few recent transactions, my buyers’ lenders wanted to know whether any structural damage occurred to the house in cases where termites or other wood-destroying insects were discovered during an inspection. What’s more, the lender required that a licensed contractor provide a written statement verifying whether the wood-destroying insect damage was cosmetic or structural in nature. “Lenders are paying more attention to WDI [wood-destroying inspection] reports to protect their investment,” said Jon Okun of Prosperity Home Loans. “I think...

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  • Mon Sep 14 2015

    Is there a link between pesticide exposure and childhood cancers?

    Children’s exposure to residential indoor insecticides was linked to an increased risk of childhood cancers, including leukemia and lymphoma, according to a review article published online today in Pediatrics. Cancer in children is rare, but it is the leading cause of death by disease past infancy among children in the United States. In 2014, it was estimated that 15,780 children and adolescents ages 0 to 19 years were diagnosed with cancer and 1,960 died of the disease in the U.S., according to the American Cancer Society. The most common types of cancer diagnosed in children and ado...

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  • Sat Sep 12 2015

    New details on family poisoned by pesticide: sons can’t eat or walk alone

    As two Delaware teens recovering from pesticide poisoning struggle to eat, walk and sit up on their own, an investigation into what went wrong highlights failures on several levels, including lax oversight and a history of corruption at the U.S. Virgin Islands government agency in charge of exterminators. The teens and their parents fell gravely ill and suffered seizures during a March vacation to St. John. The family was exposed to methyl bromide, a restricted-use pesticide. Recovery from their nerve damage has been slow and agonizing for the whole family, but it’s been the worst for th...

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  • Wed Sep 9 2015

    Argentine ants harbour viruses that may threaten honey bees and other insects

    The 'Genghis Khan of the ant world', the Argentine ant, not only invades our suburbs. Researchers have now found it carries and spreads deadly pathogens. They are known as the Genghis Khan of the ant world - they come along and wipe out lots of other ant species, dominate landscapes and will farm aphids and scale insects. However, ironically it appears the invasive ant may also host the seeds of its own destruction in the form of a killer virus. A new study of Argentine ants in New Zealand, Australia and Argentina shows they carry a previously undescribed virus that could be connec...

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  • Sat Sep 5 2015

    Pest Control Company involved in poisoning of local boy issued 'Stop Work Order' by state

    VIDEO WEST PALM BEACH , Fla. (CBS12) -- The Florida Department of Agriculture has issued a 'Stop Work Order' for Sunland Pest Control who is involved in the poisoning of a Palm City boy. 9-year-old Peyton McCaughey was hospitalized after his family's Palm City home was fumigated by Sunland Pest Control, a sub-contracted company of Terminx. The family returned to their home. Within hours, they all became sick, according to their attorney. But all recovered except Peyton who began suffering seizure-like symptoms. Peyton is now fighting for his life at The Miami Children's Ho...

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  • Fri Sep 4 2015

    Family says boy was poisoned by pest control company

    PALM CITY, Fla. - Peyton McCaughey should have been celebrating his tenth birthday on Thursday. But he remains in a Miami hospital with brain damage, barely able to move or speak. His family says the nightmare began when Terminix gave them the okay to return to their home after it was tented. "They returned home at 7 o'clock, bed time is 8 or 8:30, so he went to bed around that time, and the symptoms started at about three in the morning," Peyton's uncle Ed Gribben said. The entire family says they got sick. But Peyton's symptoms continue to get worse. "They noticed Peyton was k...

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  • Fri Sep 4 2015

    Pest Control Expert Explains Northwest Scorpions

    RICHLAND, WA - Recently a Tri-Cities woman sent NBC Right Now some photos of a scorpion her husband had found in Richland. He found it under some plywood and captured it. Many of us in the newsroom had never seen one in the northwest before. So, we called in Gary Isenberger from Pointe Pest Control to tell us about it. Isenberger explained the small creature is a Pacific Forest Scorpion. They are small. When full-grown they are barely more than an inch long. They are venomous but it's similar to that of a bee sting. They can occasionally invade houses but they don't colonize. Watch...

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