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Teachers Union Files Grievance Over Bed Bugs at School


BUFFALO, N.Y.— As reported by WIVB, the Buffalo Teachers Federation (BTF) filed a grievance against the district for exposing teachers to unsafe and unhealthy working conditions. At issue is an ongoing bed bug problem at Buffalo Public School 37, WIVB reported.

Parents received a letter from the district last week that stated an individual in the building had possible bug bites, WIVB reported.

The Buffalo Teachers Federation (BTF) says school officials aren’t doing enough to handle the problem.

A Buffalo parent, Michelle Eggleston, says her 7 year-old son goes to School 37. Eggleston told WIVB she pulled him out of school last Friday because the issue wasn’t resolved. “I’m not sending my son to school and I bring home these bugs, because they’re not going to pay for my house to be fumigated, and I can’t afford it. Thursday, I went in, and there’s stuff everywhere. People are throwing out their classroom stuff, you know people are just- their hair’s all tied up, they say they put rubbing alcohol on the kids, there’s kids still missing from school, it’s not taken care of,” said Eggleston.

The teachers union says the issue should have been dealt with quickly and decisively.

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Source: WIVB

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