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Avitrol App Version 2.0 Released


Avitrol recently released its first-ever bird control app, complete with bid calculator. The powerful version 2.0 of Avitrol’s app takes tech-based bird control a step further. In this version, users will find updated bid calculating functionality, built-in dilution calculator functionality with intuitive input suggestions for sensitive bird treatments, and the most detailed pest bird ID information available to date. The new Avitrol Bird ID section is an online reference for 15 of the top pest bird species. This section features high-resolution photos of the pest birds, their young, nests, feeding habits and more. The Avitrol Bid Calculator version 2.0 features support for more bird species than available previously, expanded margin functionality, and will provide users with suggested amounts to charge in just seconds. The new Avitrol Dilution Calculator provides users with the ability to accurately determine mixture ratios natively, intuitively sets ratios based the sensitivity of the treatment site, features support for more pest bird species than available previously and will output the suggested amount of both live and pre-bait needed for your bird job. Learn more at

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