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Rockwell Labs Ltd Adds Rich Williams


NORTH KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Rockwell Labs Ltd announced that effective July 3, Rich Williams has joined the company as its technical representative for the Midwest territory, encompassing Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky, Illinois, Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa and the St. Louis area of Missouri.

Williams has been involved in the professional pest management industry for almost 20 years providing technical sales and support to the industry. He is well known for developing strong PMP and distributor relationships and has extensive experience working with technicians in the field and providing solutions for pest management professionals.

“We are very excited to have Rich as part of the Rockwell team and representing our product line in the marketplace,” said James Osuch, Rockwell’s Vice President of Sales. “His years of experience, knowledge, and relationships in the Midwest territory will only strengthen the continued growth and success Rockwell Labs has achieved in the region. The fact that he is centrally located in Indianapolis will allow him to better support and engage with our customers in the Ohio Valley.”

Williams can be reached at 317/490-5080 and at

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