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Ridge-Guard Prevents Pest Entry from a Roof's Edge


The product is applied directly over affected roof ridges to to prevent pests from entering via vents.


Edited by the PCT Staff

Ridge-Guard is designed to prevent squirrels, bats, mice, rats, stinging insects and more from entering roofs vented at the ridge. The problem is that most types of ridge vent are either installed incorrectly, or simply warp and crack with age. Ridge-Guard is applied directly over affected roof ridges; rendering the vent impregnable by most types of wildlife. Ridge-Guard eliminates the need to tear off the entire ridge cap and replace when animal entry is detected or damage occurs. It saves customers money, and animal control technicians time, the manufacturer reports. Ridge-Guard comes in a protective tube for travel and includes 160 linear feet of product and all the fasteners needed to install it. Learn more at

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