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  • Gutterlock


    GutterLock Gutter Protection Systems are a line of gutter covers designed to meet all of the customers needs. Not only are the gutter covers designed to keep leaves and debris out of the gutters, they also ...

  • Insects Limited, Inc.

    Insects Limited, Inc.

    Insects Limited, Inc. specializes in a unique niche of pest control that started out as an idea and developed into a business that provides a range of products and services that are becoming mainstream in pr...

  • J. F. Oakes Sales and Marketing

    J. F. Oakes Sales and Marketing

    J.F.Oakes, LLC is both a manufacturer and master broker of Professional Pest Control Products. We partner with manufacturers worldwide to bring the latest ideas and technology to Professional Pest Control In...

  • J.T. Eaton & Company

    J.T. Eaton & Company

    J.T. Eaton is a family-run business that offers a complete line of products designed to help pest management professionals provide quality service to their customers. All J.T. Eaton products are available in...

  • Kness Manufacturing

    Kness Manufacturing

    INNOVATORS SINCE 1924 The beliefs and ideals of our founder, A.E. “Brick” Kness, live on. His practical, ingenious inventiveness is shared by the family members who manage Kness Mfg. Co., Inc. today. It b...



    We understand the issues facing PMPs who service the professional, animal health and agricultural markets and use our insight to develop new technologies and solutions. We use our resources to develop bait m...