Saturday March 11, 2017

Innolytics Announces a New Automatic Feeder for OvoControl

SAN CLEMENTE, Calif. — An automatic wildlife feeder represents a vital component of an effective OvoControl contraceptive program. The feeder triggers once a day, at precisely the same time, dispensing the necessary quantity of bait to the waiting pigeons.

While the basic format and operation remains unchanged, the feeder controller and battery have been integrated into the motor unit, eliminating a separate compartment. Programming is identical to the current model.

As before, the OvoControl automatic feeder is supplied in KIT form that includes a rechargeable battery and solar panel. See details for the new feeder, Model IN-17608, on the OvoControl website.

Begin an OvoControl program at any time by pre-baiting with cracked corn. Dispense one pound of cracked corn per 80 birds with an automatic feeder at dawn to condition the pigeons to the daily baiting routine. Gradually transition the birds to OvoControl once the birds are fully conditioned. Learn more at