Saturday January 7, 2017

Additional CEU Approvals Bring Greater Value to PCT’s Label Training Program

VALLEY VIEW, Ohio — PCT’s Distance Learning Center continues to expand as Arizona and New Jersey have approved online label training courses — 45 in Arizona and 12 in New Jersey.

With these new additions, eight states now have approved online label training courses for continuing education credits or units (CEUs).


45 courses

New Jersey

12 courses


45 courses


43 courses

North Carolina

50 courses


35 courses


50 courses


6 courses

More state CEU approvals are expected. With the necessary programming to meet various state’s CEU approval requirements now complete, PCT is actively submitting its courses to those states that recognize online training for CEU credit. Keep in mind that your particular state may not currently recognize online training CEU credits, but they may start doing so in the future.

The ability to earn CEU credits greatly enhances the value of PCT's Distance Learning Center.

Brad Scott, a service professional at Dayton’s Pest Control, Knoxville, Tenn., said, "The training modules allow our employees to quickly and easily be trained on many different products that we use daily. Now, with the added benefit of CEUs our employees get credit for the knowledge gained and time spent while learning."

Several training directors have found that PCT’s online label training courses complement other CEU opportunities in their states. In Georgia, for example, registered service professionals are required to attain eight HPC and eight WDO CEU credits per two-year cycle. They are allowed to attain two online credits per category as a part of this total. As Dennis Judy, technical director of Allgood Pest Solutions, Dublin, Ga., noted, “While it is pretty easy to accumulate the required needs by attending our mandatory monthly CEU training meetings, we are sometimes in need of additional opportunities when newly hired personnel come aboard late in the CEU renewal cycle. Having the availability to supplement our live training with online CEU opportunities certainly brings value to the program and gives us options for supplemental learning when the needs arise.”

Ron Schwalb, technical director of U.S. Pest Protection, Hendersonville, Tenn., said PCT’s online label training program is another valuable training tool for one of the most important aspects of the day-to-day requirements of pest professionals in the field.

“The professional must know how that product can be used, the labeled pests the product controls, safety precautions and additional information that allows that product to be applied in the safest manner for the customer and the professional,” he said. “We as an industry do not spend enough time in label review education. This program will help improve overall education. Professional pest management applicators also will benefit from the CEU incentives.”

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