Wednesday April 19, 2017

New Distribution for Poly Plugs

KENNENDALE, Texas — Pest Boys announces partnerships with three of the leading pest control products distributors in the industry. Poly Plugs by Pest Boys are now available at Target Specialty Products, Univar, and Winfield United in locations across the U.S. In recent months, Pest Boys attended continuing education events that the distributors provided in Oklahoma and Texas. At the events, free sample bags of Poly Plugs were offered to all PCOs and their technicians who wanted to try them.

The Poly Plug is a product that is used to support the concrete patch materials to seal termite treatment holes drilled in slabs, block and masonry holes. They require no special tools and can be installed five times faster at 18-20 holes per minute, the company reported (check out a video link on the company’s website).

“We are thrilled to offer our new product to PCO’s providing a more efficient and cost effective alternative,” said Lary Adkins, president and CEO of Pest Boys. “We are offering a quality product which is much more efficient, it’s at a substantially cheaper cost, and provides benefits both to the PCOs and their customers.”

Pest Boys also announced they will continue a special offer for free sample packages along with free shipping to PCOs anywhere in the United States while supplies last. Look for a full page ad in the May issue of PCT magazine.Poly Plugs are available for drill holes of 3/8 inches, ½ inches, 9/16 inches, and 5/8 inches.