Friday June 16, 2017

Bed Bug Central Announces April Survey Results

Bed Bug Central released results from its ongoing bed bug surveys. Results show that in April bed bug activity compared to March demonstrated a significant slow-down in bed bug business in the Northeast, a busy April for the Southeast and Eastern Midwest (Ohio, Michigan and Illinois) and a busier West Coast.

In the Northeast in March, only 5% of the companies that completed the bed bug survey reported bed bug business being "down" but this number increased significantly in April (close to 28%). Close to 90% of companies in Regions 2 and 3 (the Southeast and Eastern Mid-West) reported business either being "up or flat." Lastly in April, about 45% of companies on the West Coast reported business being "up" compared to March where only about 25% reported being "up."

CLICK HERE to download the survey results.

Bed Bug Central's Jeff White thanked everyone for their participation in these surveys. For additional questions email him at