Thursday May 18, 2017

BedBug Central Announces Results from New Bed Bug Survey

Editor's note: BedBug Central has been busy surveying the pest control industry about bed bug activity, and the company will be sending out another survey about April activity later this week. In advance of this survey, BedBug Central provided results from its February survey available here. (Note, some of the data/graphics can be difficult to read. Click on the image link to open up a larger version.)

Jeff White, Director of Innovations and Technical Content at BedBug Central, provided the following overview of the survey results.

February bed bug activity appeared to be similar across most of the country with most regions reporting about 50% of companies being "up," about 40% being "flat" and about 10% being "down" (about 50% of companies reporting bed bug activity being flat or down).

The only region of the continental US to differ from the rest was the West Coast, where companies reported about 25% being "up," about 35% being "flat" and about 40% being "down" (about 75% of companies reporting bed bug activity being flat or down).

Overall, I would interpret these results as suggesting that bed bug activity was slow in February as overall most regions are still reporting that bed bug revenue is growing from month to month but February had about 50% or more companies reporting "flat" or "down" revenue. Activity being "flat" or "down" is consistent with historical trends as much of the industry is aware that February in most markets tends to be a slow month for bed bugs.

The only other observation from the data submitted was that companies who determined their bed bug activity status from budgets or the same month in previous years reported very different trends compared with companies that determined their activity by feel or gut-sense. This suggests that even though bed bug activity may feel "up," "flat" or "down," how activity feels isn’t always the true story when compared to budgets and historical data.