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We are looking for Termite and Pest Control Technicians who want to be on our team and advance in the company. When hired you will immediately be placed on a training path to obtain additional licensing through the Structural Pest Control Board. Additional licenses means additional pay. $15-$18, amount increases with additional licensing. No wood repair/replacement required. People oriented Company Culture •Weekly pay with option of direct deposit •Holidays •Paid Time Off •Sick Pay •401k Plan •Paid Training •Medical Insurance •Career Advancement Opportunities What Do You Need to Bring for Success? •Applicator 2/3 License or Branch 2 Field Rep. License with the Structural Pest control Board •Willingness to learn •Excellent communication skills •Good with people •Great attitude, every day •Energetic optimistic outlook Send Resume to: or call Linda @ 714/288-5635

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