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I am hiring out my branch 2 and 3 operators license for California. You can have both or just one. I am asking $500 a month for branch 2 and $700 for both either way. No less than $500. I am currently qualifying a company who has made a track record on not being on time with paying me. It has actually cost me in the long run. If you hire my license I expect to be paid on time each month. No excuses. I am an honest, highly experienced, and a well rounded nice guy. I have a family to support with 6 kids. I cant afford payments for my license to be late every month. I'm looking for someone more reliable who wants it. Thank you. Please call me at 520-424-5244 I have over 14 years experience in the pest and termite field. I have also had my own company for 3 of those years. I have web design and marketing experience as well. Your getting a guy with a lot of field experience for the money. I'm not just book smart. Tim Curtis 520-424-5244 you can also email me at

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