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Business Opportunity – Santa Clara County, CA Unique opportunity to enter the Pest Control industry with no previous experience required. Great option for someone already in the industry to start their own business. Enjoy the benefit of an existing book of business posting $25,000 to $30,000 per month ($250,000 per year estimated). Initial training, ongoing support, assistance with state of CA licensing and a 38 year proven model of success. Become a franchise owner of a national Top 100 rated pest Control company. Pestmaster Services is the #1 small business provider of pest control services to the federal government. Service truck and equipment available. If this sounds like the business opportunity you’ve been waiting for Call us today at 800-4525-8866 and ask for Danny Campos, National Franchise Development Manager. Franchise sold only through Franchise Disclosure Documents, which will be sent following initial call- Pestmaster Services 775-858-7378

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