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Prime Termite is in need for quality professionals for its expanding operations. We offer one of the best compensation schedules known to us in our industry. Many times when sales volume and closing rate is high enough, in addition to their main salary, our salesmen-inspectors also receive bonuses. These bonuses sometimes can be than the monthly pay of many termite inspectors. We also offer a very pleasant working environment. This is a highly stable and rewarding position for an efficient, hard-working, and professional person. Presently, some of the best if not the best inspectors in Los Angeles area work for Prime Termite. We provide proven green termite treatments which are tested for last 12 years to be very effective. Our pricing is more than reasonable, and usually when inspections are conducted well customers themselves buy eagerly without much effort from the inspectors' side. We do not offer $1,900 2 hour jobs without warranty but $3,800 3-day jobs with warranty which customers knows will work. At the same time we pay higher commission to the inspectors since have zero advertisement budget, extremely well organized and efficient business operations, and very low volume of call-backs. So, you are not dealing with a "big brand names" which get smaller and smaller every year who want 2 times more for elementary fumigations or toxic subterranean termite treatments. Also, you are not dealing with those who work out of their garage and ask you not to sell anything more than $1,700. Our jobs can be built into a week or 10-day jobs, and many of them are over $10,000 with very high commission rate! This is why you are dealing and representing the highest-rated termite company in Los Angeles! Your application is guaranteed to be strictly confidential, and in no way we will communicate with your present employer. PLEASE APPLY ONLY IF YOU ALREADY HAVE YOUR BRANCH III TERMITE INSPECTOR LICENSE!


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