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I have over 18 years experience in branch III operations with an emphasis on Sales, Construction and Field Operations. Currently I have no affiliation with any other companies and I am looking to fulfill the duties of QM, GM, Sales MGR. Operations Mgr. or Trainer. If you are looking to upgrade your current Branch I or II company, grow your current business or need assistance in the management of your developing operations I can help. I have fulfilled the position of employee, owner and manager, I have also kept my license polished and clean of complaint or accusations. Some individuals are looking to be trained so that they can eventually upgrade their own license to Operator in the Branch III category, well I'm all about doing that. I look forward to helping with the training and certifying of the required hours that will help with this growth. If I sound like a good fit to your needs please don't hesitate to contact me directly by call or text to (714) 206-2268 or by e-mail to I can provide a resume and cover letter upon request. Please serious suitors only, thanks.

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