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Cal Coast Termite & Pest, Inc. is looking for a person with a positive, upbeat attitude with a desire to grow and learn and who has a great work ethics. Requirements: • Excellent communication skills at all levels including excellent listening skills. • Ability to express oneself in writing. • Read and write English in order to understand and interpret written procedures. • Possess strong customer service skills and be able to work in a dynamic team environment. • Ability to work in a multi-task fast paced environment. • Build and maintain effective, professional relationships. • Basic Computer Knowledge *Experience in both marketing and/or knowledge in real estate a plus* Job Duties Include: • Set appointments • Tele marketing • Answer Phones • Assist with other various office duties as needed This is a full time position in a Long Beach based company. Please send resume to: Fax: (562) 426-3511 or email us at We see people by appointment only at this location. NO PHONE CALLS PLEASE.


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