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DISCREET PEST CONTROL...I am always looking for the BEST of the BEST to join our family owned business. We are anticipating some rapid growth trend once we roll out a new campaign. Need ambitious and reliable professionals to accomplish this mission. We specialize in all aspects of Pest Control especially Rodent Elimination and Control. If you are one of the following, Fearful of Heights, Fear of Rodents, Spiders, Scorpions, roaches or any other pest or animal? Please don't inquire. I am not offering JOBS here, I am offering those who are qualified to perform our mutual arts. And make a good living doing so. I have no time for failures so interviews will be extensive and scheduled upon reviewing a qualified resume with references. Background checks and DRUG Testing. Clean DMV on file. If you think you have the work ethics and customer service skills then Send Resumes to and include your phone numbers. No hourly positions here, you work on commission basis. We will also be looking for partime Seasonal Rodent Proofers and exclusion techs which no Certification is required. But again you will be screened for that also. NO SMOKING in my service vehicles, or on the job sites. Not negotiable on the smoking. Email those resumes also to I want to again stress that even though I am asking for Certified PCO's, please apply if your newly certified and send me your work experience. I actually prefer to train a new qualified person.

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