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Fumigation tarps for sale. Orange and Blue stripe. 53- 45'x60'. Also have about 11,000 Pony 1" clips and 1,000 feet of 6" water snakes. These were purchased to cover a 2,000,000 cubic warehouse. we used the tarps about 4 times and were purchased 6-5-13 from Cardinal supply. All tarps are neatly rolled on 4" PVC and have been stored in a dry temperature controlled warehouse. Our company paid 50,000.00 for the tarps would like to get 25,000.00. Price for one tarp would be 500.00 each or 3 or more would be 450.00 each. The clips would be 50.00 for 100. If you would like more information contact Henry at McGee Pest Control. 1-800-420-2847 Breakdown 53 tarps (all) 25,000.00 Each tarp 500.00 3 or more 450.00 Clips (100) 50.00 Water snakes 6"x 50' 100.00


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