Thursday April 17, 2014

Keeping Fleas Fleeing: Sometimes a Tough Job

Fleas and ticks, common externalectoparasites, may be among the toughest-to-control pests inside a home, due inlarge part to potential reintroduction by pets.

The most effective method ofcontrolling these pests indoors is a 3-step program, starting first with the pet.1) PMPs should encourage homeowners to seek the advice of their veterinarianabout a treatment plan. These are available in various oral, topical, collar,

spray and shampoo formulations. 2) Thehome and surrounding areas should be treated with an adulticide to kill adultfleas and ticks. 3) A juvenile hormone analogue insect growth regulator (IGR)should also be used to help break the life cycle of fleas.

Treating for Fleas

Pre-treatment: communicate what toexpect after the treatment. Let your clients know that it is normal to seefleas emerging from pupae in the next two to four weeks. Treatment areas needto be thoroughly cleaned and all articles on the floor removed. Vacuum

to help remove all stages of fleas.Dispose of the vacuum bag outdoors in a sealed bag. Pet bedding and pet toysshould be washed in hot water. 

Indoor Treatment: treat all carpet,wood floors, rugs, under furniture, cracks and crevices and baseboards. Payclose attention to areas where pets frequent and rest. Remember to treat underbeds and couches. Remove the couch cushions and treat underneath. Pay close attentionto cracks, tufts in fabric and pet beds.

Post-Treatment: follow up with thecustomer on what to expect in the next few days. Remind the customer that theymay see fleas emerging from pupae cocoons in the next two to four weeks, butthey should not be alarmed. Insects that were in the pupal stage at the time oftreatment were not affected, but once they emerge, the residual (adulticide andIGR) will take effect and eliminate the infestation.

Tick control 

Similar prevention strategies shouldbe incorporated for control of ticks brought into the house by pets. NyGuardPlus Offers 1-2-3- Punch NyGuard® Plus Flea & Tick Premise Spray offers an allin-onesolution to flea and tick problems. It provides quick-acting, long-lasting flea(up to 7 months) and tick control in a unique no-drip application that also eliminatespet odors. And, the innovative spray nozzle allows for a clean, no-dripapplication something PMPs have requested.